Young Child’s Severe Pneumonia Treated and Cured

Young Child’s Severe Pneumonia Treated and Cured
June 17, 2020 PHASE Nepal

During the COVID-19 lockdown, PHASE’s health staff are continuing to serve vulnerable, remote communities in Nepal, throughout the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19.Our PHASE ANMs and health staff continue to serve as a link between vulnerable communities and quality healthcare, identifying patients with health problems, counselling, diagnosing, treating, and referring patients to higher centers. During this unprecedented time, PHASE’s mission to serve and empower the vulnerable with quality healthcare is more important than ever before

Bichya, Bajura– On March 9th, 2020, when B. B.  was just 11 months old, he was diagnosed with severe, life-threatening pneumonia. Bishal had a mild fever which spiked into a severe fever with cough for three days. Due to the heavy snowfall, the parents weren’t able to reach any health services as his symptoms worsened. On the 9th of March, his family finally brought B. B. to a clinic supported by PHASE. Upon examination, there were wheezing sounds on the child’s chest auscultation along with in-drawing as well as difficulty in breathing. The child was irritable and his temperature was raised to 38.9F. The health staff was alarmed by the symptoms and quickly diagnosed the condition as severe pneumonia. 

PHASE’s health worker referred B. B’ s parents to Kolti Primary Health Center for an immediate (Stat) dose of Ampicillin and Gentamycin according to the CB-IMCI protocol. The parents refused to go to the health post, so the health staff quickly adapted and administered the medicine in the PHASE health post. After consulting with a GP Doctor, the health staff created a 5 day treatment plan, with Gentamycin and Ampicillin injections and Salbutamol tablets. As the child’s condition improved in response to the drugs, B.B’s was discharged on the 5th day, with a follow up date and Amoxycillin antibiotics. The health staff gave advice on personal and food hygiene as well as healthy nutritional practices based on local vegetables. By the follow up date, the child was fully recovered and healthy. 

B.B’s parents expressed gratitude for the quick treatment of their son and saving his life. They shared with PHASE that though they had doubts about health clinics before and usually relied on traditional healers, seeing how their son’s condition was treated, they have developed an appreciation and trust in the health clinic. B.B.‘s  remains a healthy and recovered child. Were it not for immediate health care and attention children like Bishal may still continue to suffer and perish from treatable conditions and diseases.


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