PHASE Nepal’s response on COVID-19.

PHASE Nepal’s response on COVID-19.
March 29, 2020 PHASE Nepal

In this challenging time where COVID19 is affecting almost all humankind in one way or another, let’s work together and take precautions to take on the challenge on our side. Let’s keep our hopes high and precautions strict for the World to recover soon.

As COVID19 has already caused an International Health Emergency, we all need to take immediate actions. In the

PHASE Nepal’s fight against COVID19, in community-level encouraging people, to frequently wash their hands with soap and water.

South East Asian region, (WHO) has called for Urgent and Aggressive actions against the spread of the novel Corona Virus. The reports show that the Corona outbreak in South East Asia is growing slowly with 8 countries having confirmed cases.

In Nepal, following the confirmation of the second confirmed case of COVID-19, the government has decided to enforce a lock-down effective from early 23th March till 31st March. This one-week lock-down is designed to combat the possible outbreak of the new corona-virus infection in Nepal. It will possibly be extended to a few more weeks.



In PHASE Nepal we are following the Government of Nepal’s directives. We also have provided COVID19 communications materials to all staff.

  PHASE Nepal’s Response

  • PHASE Nepal’s health team is working and trying their best to support the communities in this moment of emergency. They have been trained with special precaution measures they should take while handling any patients who visit the health posts in this time of pandemic and they will give focused orientation about COVID19 to particularly vulnerable groups.
  • All PHASE supported health centers have backup medicines for at least six months, and essential medical supplies for two months. Emergency personal protective equipment such as N95 masks, surgical masks and hand sanitizers for the staff has been already sent to the respective areas.
  • For the time being, all community activities in large groups and training has been cancelled till further notice.
  • PHASE Nepal’s bi-annual meeting which would gather 200+ staff and board members has been cancelled.
  • Staff Contingency Plan is operational with prevention and outbreak plans.

Our health staff in Mugu are ready to provide service to the people. They have locally made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) out of plastic.

At this time of uncertainty, we still remain committed to deliver our services to the best of our ability while prioritizing welfare of our staff and community at all times.


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