PHASE Bi-annual meeting after the pandemic.

PHASE Bi-annual meeting after the pandemic.
April 28, 2022 PHASE Nepal

The first physical Bi-annual meeting after the pandemic was held from April 17-23, 2022, with reduced COVID-19 infection. The gathering served as the team’s refreshment meet-up, with annual activity review, discussion, and suggestions on challenges, as well as refresher trainings for skill enhancement.

PHASE Nepal team

PHASE Nepal board members, guests from partner organizations; Mr. Billy Curryer director for PHASE Worldwide, Mr. Andrew Stace chairperson for Himalayan Development Foundation Australia, and Prof. Dr. Simon Ruston research head for Sheffield University, PHASE Executive Director Dr. Jiban Karki, PHASE health advisor, Dr. Gerda Pohl and 76 PHASE staff (includes project area-based staff) attended the meeting in Dhulikhel.

During the event, PHASE staff working in Mugu, Humla, Bajura, Sindhupalchok, and Gorkha districts shared their accomplishments, issues and challenges and suggested activities for future. The workshop/training took on a more interactive format, with the team being praised for their work in Nepal’s remote areas, as well as organizational procedures being addressed and suggestions for solutions to the issues they faced.

Group discussion on the case diagnosis at the workshop.

Additionally, health team received refresher training on Community based-integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (CB-IMNCI) with the personnel of Department of Health Services and SUAAHARA Nepal.

The PHASE research team continued the session on improving survey abilities. A practical lesson on how to utilize the KOBO tool and basic survey skills was held.

Similarly, the various team members delivered practical sessions on important themes such as child protection, vulnerable adult protection, case study and mobile photography, and reusable pad making which are useful for the team to conduct community based activities more efficiently.

In addition, the livelihood team received on-the-filed training in kiwi fruit cultivation and beekeeping at ICIMOD Godawari and Gandaki Bee concern, Tokha, respectively.




After the pandemic, the first bi-annual gathering ended on a positive note. Team building games and refresher activities were also held in addition to reflection and refresher trainings. Next the workshops, the team will plan activities for the following days and leave for the community.




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