PHASE Nepal works in partnership with a number of national and international partners.

PHASE Austria is a non-profit organization to support sustainable development in rural Nepal. PHASE Austria mainly support education programs in various districts. The programs include teacher training, alternative education in Gorkha, school rebuilding in Hile, school access programs in Humla. PHASE Austria also provides support to PHASE Nepal for earthquake relief and rehabilitation.

PHASE Worldwide is a UK registered charity improving health, education and livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged populations in extremely isolated Nepalese Himalayan villages. PHASE Worldwide supports remote communities who desire access to basic services and need practical help to achieve this. Program areas include Gorkha, Humla and Sindhupalchowk. It also provided funds for earthquake relief and rehabilitation after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in spring 2015.

Global Giving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. It makes possible for local organizations to access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective and make the world a better place. Through Global Giving programs, PHASE Nepal works towards betterment of health and education. After the earthquake, PHASE Nepal also received funds from Global Giving for school rebuilding and staff allowances.

The Department for International Development (DFID/UKaid) leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty. They work towards ending the need for aid by creating jobs, unlocking the potential of girls and women and helping to save lives when humanitarian emergencies hit. Previously, DFID supported Community Development Program in Bajura, Humla, Gorkha and Kavre districts in 2014 to 2017. Currently, DFID  supports Integrated Project focusing on Health, Livelihood and Nutrition program for women and children of Mugu since 2018 and also a project on Safeguarding the Health of Workers in Mugu-Humla road construction(2018-2021 ). Other current projects include “Leave No One Behind” where most vulnerable victims receive social and livelihood support in Gorkha district (2019-2021), and a community-based approach project in Chitwan to overcome barriers to shelter reconstruction.

The City of Vienna has been funding a number of projects through PHASE Austria since 2011. The most recent ones are a livelihoods program in Mugu (2017-2019), an Urban Health project with a focus on people living with disabilities in Kathmandu (2018-2020), and a Girls’ Empowerment Program in Bajura (2019-2020).

Austrian Development Agency(ADA) is the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation. On behalf of the Federal Government, it plans, finances and supports development programs and projects in the countries of Africa, Asia, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. ADA has supported a health and livelihoods program in Mugu and Bajura (2016-2018) and currently supports PHASE’s integrated program to improve the health and nutrition of women and children in Far Western Nepal (2019-2021).

PHASE Nepal is implementing all its programmes in coordination with the line agencies of the Nepal Government.

The University of Sheffield is a member of the Russell Group of leading UK research universities. Its outstanding performance for excellent teaching and research, as part of a genuinely global community, is consistently confirmed by international independent assessments. It is ranked amongst top 100 Universities in the world.

The USAID supports progress toward a democratic, resilient and prosperous Nepal. USAID promotes inclusive and effective governance, sustainable economic growth, health and nutrition, primary education, post-earthquake reconstruction and helps build resilience to climate change and natural disasters. Currently, USAID has partnered with PHASE on a program called Strengthening and Spreading the Independent Living concept in Nepal Activity that promotes independent living for People With Disabilities(PWDs). The project is also implemented in partnership with Independent Living Center Lalitpur (ILCL).

The Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung foundation works to increase knowledge revolving around the causes, diagnosis and therapy of diseases to the benefit of mankind. PHASE Austria was awarded the 2017 Else Kröner Fresenius Award for Development Cooperation in Medicine. Since 2018, EKFS is contributing to improving maternal and child health in Mugu district in western Nepal.

RAP3 MHLR is the short name for the Mugu Humla Link Road Project implemented under the 3rd phase of the Rural Access Program. It is funded by UKaid through the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). RAP 3 supports PHASE with safeguarding the health of workers and nearby communities during the Mugu-Humla road construction (2018-2021).

Himalayan Development Foundation Australia(HDFA) works to ensure access to education for all children in the remote Kanchenjunga and Indrawati communities of Nepal. They believe having children in school is the best way to break the illiteracy-poverty cycle and counter the risk of child trafficking. Their work also extends to health and livelihood improvement activities in order to give parents the capacity to send their children to school. HDFA has been supporting PHASE on the Upper Indrawati Valley Integrated Community Development project in Sindhupalchowk district since 2016.

Mott Macdonald’s purpose is to improve people’s lives by providing professional and construction services in the built and natural environments, and in social and economic development. They have been supporting PHASE on a project titled “Leave No One Behind” where the most vulnerable victims in Gorkha receive social and livelihood support (2019-2021).

Doctors For Nepal works to improve healthcare in rural Nepal by empowering impoverished students to serve as doctors, nurses and midwives in their isolated rural communities. They have been supporting PHASE Nepal with staff education since 2016.

Go Philanthropic Foundation collaborates to expand the power and potential that resides at the grassroots, where under-resourced communities are working to gain equal access to education, health, human rights, and opportunities that we are all entitled to. Go Philanthropic supports Health Supervisors and Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery(ANMs) in the Far-West region of Nepal since 2019.

GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of all people around the world. Globemed supports projects on Community Development. Previously, the projects ran on Bajura, Humla, Gorkha, Sindhupalchok and Kavre (2014-2017) districts. Currently, we are working in partnership with Tufts students.



People in Need (PIN) helps people in emergencies like crisis of war and in areas affected by natural disasters. It also works in places where it is hard for people to break out of the vicious circle of poverty without support. People in Need supported PHASE with the reconstruction of classrooms in Sindhupalchowk (2017-2018) and repair trails and foot-bridges in Rasuwa and Gorkha (2016-2017). PIN  also supported the program “No One is Left Behind”, a community-based approach to overcome barriers to shelter reconstruction in 2019/2020. Currently, we are working for disaster relief supports like landslide and flood and COVID-19 response.

Siddhartha Bank Limited is one of the largest private commercial bank in Nepal. The bank is an ‘A’ class commercial bank licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank and has 159 branches all across the nation with its head office in Kathmandu which provides entire commercial banking services and remittance services.

Healing Buddha Foundation, started by Phakyab Rinpoche helps people who suffer physically or mentally through compassion, healing and peace. Healing Buddha Foundation encourages and enables the well-being and the development of the people facing all kinds of suffering. Healing Buddha Foundation has been supporting PHASE since 2017 on an integrated program for the health of women and children of Western-Nepal.


With the support of  For a Better Tomorrow (FBT), we aim to ensure low levels of child and maternal death, through providing a quality health service and increasing health awareness in the remote mountain community of  Gorkha, Manbu.

Previous Partners

Nepal Teacher Training Innovations (NTTI) provides effective and intensive trainings to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and self-advocacy in Nepal’s most disadvantaged schools. NTTI supported teachers with trainings that were facilitated by PHASE Nepal in various districts of Nepal in 2018 to 2019.

The Innocent Foundation is the charity wing of Innocent Drinks. Back in 1999, Richard, Adam and Jon started innocent with a simple aim: to make it easy for people to do themselves and others some good. They pledged that innocent would always give 10% of its profits to charity; a promise hardwired into how innocent does business today, ensuring that the more good stuff the company sells, the more good it does.

NAK-Humanitas Foundation works for a sustainable improvement of the quality of life and the creation of perspectives for people in difficult living conditions. To achieve these goals, NAK-Humanitas promotes and initiates targeted projects at home and abroad. The basis for their activities is exclusively the fortune that comes from donations, inheritances and legates.

The core mission of Caritas Austria is not to see, but to act. To stand up for those people who have no voice. This means to respect human life from beginning to end, to protect and assist people in emergencies, regardless of their origin, their religion, or their gender. After the earthquake, Caritas Austria supported the relief efforts of PHASE Nepal to the inhabitants of Tauthali (Sindhupalchowk) for winter (2015-2016). It also funded a livelihood recovery project in 3 villages of Sindhupalchok (2017-2018). With the support of CA a reconstruction project to build two schools and a livelihood recovery project in Sindhupalchok has been completed.

Caritas Germany is the largest welfare association in Germany. More than one million people work as paid employees or volunteers in roughly 25,000 of its centers and institutions nationwide. They support eleven million people every year in overcoming different social problems and difficult situations. Caritas Germany supported the relief efforts of PHASE Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake by providing temporary shelters (2015) and preparation for winter (2015-2016) in Sindhupalchowk. They also supported community infrastructure and livelihood recovery project for earthquake-affected families(2017) and livelihood recovery in the same district.

Working in France and 64 countries worldwide, Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde is an independent international movement of campaigning activists who provide care, bear witness and support social change. Through its 355 innovative medical program and evidence-based advocacy initiatives, they enable excluded individuals and their communities to access health and fight for universal access to healthcare. They have been supporting PHASE on a project that improves lives of Informal Waste Workers (IWWs) in Kathmandu and Nuwakot since 2018.

The Umbrella Foundation is a family-first, children’s charity working to relieve the impact of trafficking, poverty and war on the children of Nepal through projects which promote education, reintegration and community development. They have been supporting PHASE with teacher training and school support program in Gorkha district since 2018.

Saga is a British company focused on serving the needs of those aged 50 and over. It has 2.7 million customers. The company operates from several sites on the Kent and Sussex coast: four in Folkestone at Middelburg Square, Enbrook Park, Cheriton Park and Ross Way; the fifth at the Eurocent Business park in Ramsgate, and the newest at Priory Square in Hastings. SAGA supports PHASE on health of the urban-poor in Kathmandu since 2019.

The National Lottery Fund is a charity wing of the National Lottery in the UK. It raises money for people to do extraordinary things, taking the lead to improve their lives and communities. The funding comes directly through the purchase of the National Lottery ticket. They have been supporting Community Development Project in Gorkha district since 2016.

The Evan Cornish Foundation strives for equality and justice for all by supporting the most marginalized communities and promoting human rights. They support small organizations and those who particularly support women.