PHASE Nepal started work in Community Health since its inception in 2005. Our health programmes exist in some of Nepal’s most remote and vulnerable communities, with a special focus on the mountainous western regions of Humla, Bajura and Mugu and the earthquake-devastated areas of Sindhupalchowk and Gorkha. Currently, we provide healthcare from our 17 health posts and outreach clinics across our project areas.

The major focus of the programme is improving maternal and child health, with a focus on nutrition. Activities are preventative (such as improving sanitation), promotive (such as education on hand-washing) and curative (supporting primary health care services). We provide skilled human resources, essential medicines and vital equipment, and also train local Female Community Health Volunteers. 

PHASE Nepal also implements specific health projects for target groups, for example, informal waste workers, construction workers, and people with disabilities, who all have specialised needs. For example, in the Kathmandu Valley we work to improve the physical health and psycho-social well-being of waste workers. In the western Karnali region, we work with the construction workers building the Mugu–Humla Link Road to ensure their health and safety, by promptly treating acute illnesses and minor injuries and reducing health risks. Our urban health project in Kathmandu works to enhance access to primary health care and social welfare services of people with disabilities.