PHASE Nepal has been running several health projects under the theme of Community Health Program since 2006/2007. The program majorly focuses on improving maternal and child health (with a focus on nutrition) in the western region of Nepal. We implement preventive, promotive and curative activities supported by skilled human resources, essential medicines, equipment, and range of orientation /training to Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) and community.  Primary health care services, community awareness-raising activities, Maternal and child health, Emergency, First Aid and Referral are our key activities and services in health projects.

Additionally, PN also implements specific health projects for target groups, for example, Informal Waste Workers (IWWs), Construction workers, and People with Disabilities (PWDs). The “Healthy Waste Workers in Kathmandu valley”, the project was designed to improve the physical health and psychosocial well-being of the waste workers and the project site community. Mugu-Humla Link Road project under Rural Access Program- 3 (RAP-3), attempts to ensure the health and safety of construction workers in Mugu–Humla Link Road segment by promptly treating acute illnesses and minor injuries and reducing health risks. Similarly, the urban health project at ward 19 of Kathmandu aims to enhance access to primary health care and social welfare services of PWDs.

In FY 2018/2019, a total of 6 projects are running under a health theme in 23 sites of Sindhupalchok, Gorkha, Humla, Mugu and Bajura. Health projects in PHASE Nepal focus on the following three main objectives:

  • Enhance Maternal and Child Health Services
  • Support high-quality primary health care services.
  • Make people aware about health and hygiene providing health education