Education projects in PHASE Nepal are bounded by the following organizational objectives :

  • Improving education opportunities
  • Improving quality of formal education
  • Refurbish education infrastructure
  • Provide better education in adequate environment

Altogether there were 3 different ongoing projects  (incorporating different thematic components) are as follows:

  1. Child Friendly Education Project, including teacher training and school support components in Manbu, Gorkha
  2. Rebuilding Livelihoods Project (of earthquake affected communities), an integrated project with Health, Education and Livelihood improvement components in Kashigaun and Keraunja, Gorkha.  ‘Education’ focused on improving education opportunities through Girls Empowerment, Teacher Training, and School Material Support components.
  3. Integrated community development project with Health, Education and Livelihood components in Rugin and Bichchya of Bajura.  Education project consisted of Adult literacy classes.

Through these projects, this year, PHASE provided support to 18 remote schools in Gorkha. A total of 1855 children and 106 teachers have benefited from the projects there. Similarly, non-formal adult literacy classes provided literacy and numeracy skills to 95 young women (who were illiterate) in Bajura.    Additionally, activities such as child protection training and health education conducted in Sindhupalchok, Gorkha, Mugu, Humla, and Bajura districts (in areas where PHASE’s health programmes have been implemented), contributed to the education sector this year.