In the area of education PHASE Nepal works to both improve access to education opportunities and improve the quality of formal education in remote areas. For example, we provide teacher training and material support to schools to ensure the education they provide is child friendly. We also supported the rebuilding of schools after the 2015 earthquake.


PHASE Nepal also supports adult literacy classes for women in remote communities that were unable to access school as children, giving them the functional literacy and numeracy skills they need (such as how to read medicine packets). Another way we support education is through girls’ empowerment – focusing on overcoming the barriers that many girls face to accessing education in rural Nepal. PHASE Nepal also supports child protection training in our project areas.


In the year 2019-2020, 400 children and 71 teachers in remote schools in Gorkha were engaged.  In which 10 schools were also supported with education materials and school improvement programmes and 32 women were trained as girls’ leaders.