A Young Humla Woman’s Child Birth Story

A Young Humla Woman’s Child Birth Story
June 17, 2020 PHASE Nepal

During the COVID-19 lockdown, PHASE’s health staff are continuing to serve vulnerable, remote communities in Nepal, throughout the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Our PHASE ANMs and health staff continue to serve as a link between vulnerable communities and quality healthcare, identifying patients with health problems, counselling, diagnosing, treating, and referring patients to higher centers. During this unprecedented time, PHASE’s mission to serve and empower the vulnerable with quality healthcare is more important than ever before.

Jair, Humla- Here is the story of how PHASE health staff supported M.L., a young pregnant woman from Humla, and coordinated for a quick, health response. 18 year old M.L.of Humla, like many girls her age in Humla has married and is expecting her first child. She lives with her siblings and parents after her husband left for India in search of employment.

At the PHASE supported clinic in Tumcha, M.L tested positive for Hepatitis B through the HbsAg kit. She was already several months pregnant at the time. Our PHASE health staff explained the causes, symptoms, serious nature of the condition, and treatment. They explained the threat of passing on Hepatitis B to her newborn. They referred her to seek out medical attention at the District Hospital, in Gamgadhi, Mugu

M.L made the journey to Gamgadhi, Mugu with a relative. There, she tested positive for Hepatitis B again. At this point M.L was highly pregnant and already a week overdue for delivery. The paramedics at the hospital referred her to a higher center for delivery. The PHASE health staff in the region coordinated with District authorities to organize a helicopter evacuation to Surkhet. M.L flew to Surkhet, where she was treated properly and was able to deliver a healthy child. 

Helicopter Evacuation


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