Donate to Nepal Covid-19 Care, Save Lives in Karnali

Donate to Nepal Covid-19 Care, Save Lives in Karnali
June 3, 2021 PHASE Nepal

PHASE Nepal has been strengthening basic primary care and maternity services via government health posts with a team of its medical staff in remote regions of Mugu, Humla and Bajura of Karnali area along with remote areas of Gorkha and Sindhupalchok districts. Recently these remote villages have become the hotspot of covid-19with several hundred people ill and several deaths. PHASE aims to provide life-saving support to them by setting up resourceful isolation beds with oxygen, medicine & staff support.

Hard to reach mountainous areas of Karnali region, Sindhupalchok and Gorkha have an increasing number of covid-19 infections, with the infected developing severe symptoms. As of 23-05-2021, 160 people have been infected and 1 have already died in these areas. Because of the lack of covid related essential medication, equipment and set-ups and staff the people are suffering and even dying because of the lack of services. These areas are at the distance of 4-5 days of walk from nearest bus-roads.

PHASE Nepal with its existing Himalayan Healthcare project has 35 health staff and 31 support on these sites providing primary health care and maternity services. The same team, with the local government, will set up isolation centers in these remote communities and provide medical care. Essentials like oxygen concentrators, medicines, antigen testing kits, sanitizers, and PPE will be immediately purchased and sent to these areas.

This will save lives of covid infected people with basic isolation set-ups having medication and oxygen facilities and prevent the further spread protecting these underserved families and communities from the devastating effects of the pandemic. Pregnant, lactating women, children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities will be given utmost care in infection prevention as well as isolation care in case of infection. The project will potentially save the communities for a safe and healthy future.

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  1. Arushi kaini 2 years ago

    It’s me Arushi..
    I Am ANM…
    I really liked to involved in social health care.. I am working in Basic health center it have been 2 years… And as well as COVID ward also at qurentine.

    • Author
      PHASE Nepal 2 years ago

      Greetings, Arushi. Please check on our job advertisements on our website or social media for job openings. Thank You!

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