Determined to get an Education-Yam Bahadur’s Story

Determined to get an Education-Yam Bahadur’s Story
April 14, 2020 PHASE Nepal

Yam Bahadur Magar is one of many children who drops out of school due to disability. When PHASE Nepal visited Aapchaur Ward no 6, Gandaki Rural Municipality for a routine check on projects, we got to know Yam Bahadur Magar and his family of 13 members. They work in animal husbandry and agriculture to sustain themselves. 

Yam Bahadur Magar is an 18 years old boy with a severe ailment. He was born without his left leg below the knee and due to his family’s poor financial condition was never able to receive an artificial limb. He therefore has limited mobility. Though he studied in the nearby primary school, he wasn’t able to walk the half hour up into the hilly area where the secondary school is situated. He stopped his studies at a young age and any opportunity for higher studies seemed impossible. 

PHASE Nepal under the Purnima project, funded by DFID and Managed by Mott MacDonald, supported Yam with an artificial limb so that he can pursue further studies and live a healthy, self-sustained life. Yam Bahadur Magar can walk better and enjoys his new range of mobility. He is now enrolled at and attends the local secondary school in the 8th class. He is thankful to the entire team for supporting him and helping him achieve independence and getting closer to his dreams!


Yam Bahadur stands in his new school.


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