A Case of Anemia and UTI in Rugin, Bajura

A Case of Anemia and UTI in Rugin, Bajura
June 17, 2020 PHASE Nepal

During the COVID-19 lockdown, PHASE’s health staff are continuing to serve vulnerable, remote communities in Nepal, throughout the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Our PHASE ANMs and health staff continue to serve as a link between vulnerable communities and quality healthcare, identifying patients with health problems, counselling, diagnosing, treating, and referring patients to higher centers. During this unprecedented time, PHASE’s mission to serve and empower the vulnerable with quality healthcare is more important than ever before

Rugin, Bajura- J.B., is a 65 years old male living in ward no. 5 of Himali RM in Rugin, Bajura. His family, like others in the region, are financially poor and depend on labor-intensive agriculture to sustain themselves. He has faced several health issues in the past that have weakened him, making farming and laboring even more difficult tasks.

One day, he was brought to a PHASE supported clinic in Rugin as he couldn’t stand properly and was very weak. He explained that he had been suffering from regular common colds and arthritis for the past two months. From a local pharmacy, he had bought some medicine to treat himself, but his condition worsened. Since he lived far from the nearest health post, he was not able to come for treatment earlier. 

Our health staff performed a Urine Dipstick Test and Hemoglobin Scale Test, which revealed he had a Urinary Tract Infection, was Anemic, and also severely dehydrated. His Hemoglobin was at just 9gm/dl, whereas the normal amount is 13gm/dl or more. The results from the tests explained his weakness and fatigue. His condition was concerning.

J.B during treatment

After these procedures, PHASE health staff treated him according to guidelines, administering parenteral fluids and provided medications from PHASE (Cotrimoxazole, Iron, Vitamin C and Oral Rehydration Solution). Our health staff also reassured him, explained the symptoms and condition, and counselled him on proper nutrition as well as food and personal hygiene. 

After a few days, his condition had improved. He thanked the PHASE health team in Rugin, “I bought and took medicine from the local medical store in my village three times, but my condition was not improving. I was feeling very worried. I am so grateful the treatment and medicine you have given me have worked. I am feeling stronger and better now.”


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