5th Year on Nepal Earthquake Recovery –PHASE Nepal

5th Year on Nepal Earthquake Recovery –PHASE Nepal
May 1, 2020 PHASE Nepal

25th April, 2020, is 5th year of the devastating Earthquake that hit Nepal is 2015 and still people cannot let go off their emotional and physical damage. It was one of, most heart-breaking moment that claimed the lives of more than 9,000 people, left more than 22,000 people injured and deprived thousands of people from their houses, essential services and facilities.

According to National Reconstruction Authority, five years after the earthquake 68.5% of reconstruction have been completed. 145 health and 1,400 school infrastructures still being constructed. As Nepal lies in lies in high vulnerable zone to earthquake, in national level  policy, plans and programs  are being are planned accordingly.

Phase Nepal’s recovered activities:

  • Rebuilt and renovated 88 drinking water supply and 4 irrigation chanel  schemes in Sindhupalchok.
  • Rebuilt 6 health posts and provided a continued supply of medicine and additional staff in Gorkha.
  • Built 108 temporary classrooms to support 10,380 children  to resume learning in 54 schools in  Sindhupalchok.
  • In various communities we built 8 permanent classrooms, 5 community buildings, 2 outreach clinics and 3 school toilets and more than 800 households toilets  in earthquake affected villages.
  • Rebuilt 71.5 kilometres of resilient trails in the northern hills of Gorkha.
  • Directly Supported 7,131 families with food, clothing and shelter materials immediately after the disaster
  • Through the Hamro Ghar project than 118 and 146 houses in Chitwan and Dhading  built respectively.
  • 2500 + families are being supported with inputs, technical support in improved vegetable and poultry farming, and 100s of the most vulnerable people are  being supported with Leave No One Behind theme.

  • Also  800+ modern toilets are built in earthquake affected houses.
  • Gavion work on the retaining wall and fencing of the compound was done in a primary school which was built by PHASE Nepal last year in  Baruwa, Sindhupalchok.
  • As part of the emergency response, we supported fire victims families  in Gorkha and 205  flood victims in Sarlahi district providing them food and non food items.
  • 1210 families were provided support via agriculture intensive endeavors such as vegetable and poultry farming in Hagam, Baramchi and Dhuskun villages in Sindhupalchok via livelihood recovery project
  • 507 families were provided support via agriculture intensive endeavors such as vegetable and poultry farming  in Tauthiali and Piskar villages in Sindhupalchok.

Phase Nepal’s on-going recovery works:

  • Reconstruction of 2 high schools almost completed in Hagam in Sindhupalchok.
  • Reconstruction of 1 health post and 1 community health unit ongoing in Baramchi and Baruwa village , Sindhpalchok.
  • Through the Hamro Ghar project more than 174 and 271 houses in Chitwan and Dhading are being built respectively.
  • 7,684 most vulnerable households including single women, people with disabilities , ultra poor and elderly are being supported in economic and social empowerment through the Purnima Project.
  • 456 most vulnerable households who have not yet rebuilt their house are being planned to support  the Purnima project.
  • 507 families in Tathali and Piskar are further being supported with agriculture initiatives while the community members are provided knowledge, skills and input support in disaster risk reduction in Tauthiali and Piskar villages in Sindhupalchok.
  • 18 Earthquake affected schools of Kashigaon, Keraunja and Manbu village of Gorkha are still being provided with training and classroom material support. 4 New computer labs and 4 Science labs were established this year and are being run effectively.

As we put the past year behind us, it is important to take a step back and acknowledge everything we accomplished together with your support. Through you support and faith we are working to provide essential services to hard hit communities. We would like to thank you for your continuous supports during emergency.


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