Who we are

PHASE (Practical Help Achieving Self Empowerment) Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political organization valuing equal opportunities. It specializes in improving health, education services and livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged populations in very remote and resource poor Himalayan mountain villages in Nepal. PHASE aims to support the most vulnerable people to break the cycle of poverty by assisting communities and local authorities to lay the groundwork for a self-sufficient future.

PHASE believes that poor health, low educational levels and poverty are all aspects of the same problem, and create a cycle preventing people from taking control of their own futures. PHASE aims to address these aspects simultaneously, through integrated Community Development Programmes (CDP) which empower individuals and communities on all levels. PHASE has special emphasis and expertise on working in extremely remote areas – areas in the high Himalayas, with scant resources, a harsh climate, difficult terrain, and little or no access to basic services. These are areas often missed by development NGOs as being too difficult and expensive to manage successful projects in. PHASE’s philosophy is to work in areas of greatest need, which is extremely challenging but is also an area in which we have had extensive success. Our target communities have experienced rapid change in short periods of time – for example, areas with no functioning health system and no access to or trust in modern medicine are provided with high standard of primary healthcare and preventative health education. Beneficiaries learn to use and trust the system extremely rapidly and within months, a PHASE health post can see between 30 and 60 patients a day.

Since its inception in 2006, PHASE has treated over 400,000 patients and can confidently assert that on average our health workers save a child’s life every month. Similarly, the organization has contributed to more than 840 household toilets and furnished livelihood opportunities to 9,500 people of two VDCs. These are staggering figures that can’t be claimed by many other organizations. The success of our projects under such challenging circumstances can be attributed in large part to our main asset: our staff team. We have an experienced and dedicated Nepali director with a background in engineering and rural development, and a hardworking and brave team of young Nepali field staff.

PHASE Nepal’s main funding partners include the PHASE Worldwide, PHASE Austria, Cooper Bilan Foundation & Hrothgar as well as Nepal Teacher Training Innovations (NTTI). Besides funding, PHASE Worldwide also provides technical expertise to PHASE Nepal. Other donor and partner organizations funding our core programmes are EcoHimal (with funding from Austrian Development Cooperation), DFID, City of Vienna, Big Lottery Fund UK, Innocent Foundation and States of Guernsey. PHASE works to establish various support networks and partnerships with government and non-government agencies as well. As of May 2016, PHASE has more than 140 full time staff and is expanding continuously. The organization has also supported a wider group of government health workers and teachers in conjunction with the local district authorities. Currently PHASE Nepal is working in 6 remote areas of Humla, Bajura, Mugu, Gorkha, Sindhupalchok and Kavrepalanchok districts in Nepal.

Manaslu from Lho Village