Livelihood Programmes

Since 2006, the PHASE Nepal Livelihood Programme has worked to improve nutrition and opportunities in our project villages in remote areas of Nepal though the following programmes:

Improved agricultural techniques: by introducing better seeds, more crop diversity, more effective fertilising techniques and low cost irrigation, the fields can often yield up to twice as much to the traditional methods, so the food produced feeds the family for longer, and sometimes farmers are even able to sell some of their produce.

Cash crops: vegetables or spices (ginger, garlic, cardamom) and also honey, can offer a good supplementary income to farmers who have access to local markets.

Animal husbandry: In a society where meat is a high value luxury, and particularly sought after during the season of religious festivals, having a goat or chicken to sell once or twice a year may make the difference between absolute poverty and being able to purchase minimal necessities. Chickens (and eggs!) also are an essential way of improving the protein deficiency in the Nepali diet, essential especially for young children and pregnant mothers. PHASE provides goat kids and chicks, introduces improved breed stud goats to our communities and runs courses in animal husbandry, also providing vaccinations and deworming / de-infestation to help farmers make the best of their stock.

Micro-saving groups: In some project areas, PHASE also work with community groups to establish savings groups and micro-credit schemes, providing technical support and seed money. This is often the natural progression on from literacy classes, as the newly-empowered beneficiaries already have the group structure and now the skills to improve their own livelihoods and break the cycle of poverty.

For more details see the Annual Reports or the Livelihoods Programme extract from PHASE Nepal Annual Progress Report 2014-2015

In the last fiscal year 2014-2015, livelihood programmes were supported by PHASE Worldwide (Sindhupalchowk: Fulpingkot, Hagam, Kavre: Rayale, Gorkha: Kashigaun, Keraunja, Manbu), DFID through PHASE Worldwide (Bajura: Kolti,Wai, Humla: Jair, Maila, Melchham).