PHASE Nepal Education Programmes

Community Education Programme is one of the 4 pillars of the integrated community development programme of PHASE Nepal. PHASE Education projects are in alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015-30, Goal No. 4 and 5; School Sector Development Plan 2016-2013. PHASE Nepal implements all of its education project as per the memorandum of understanding signed between PHASE Nepal and the Department of Education and Non-Formal Education Centre under Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Government of Nepal.  The details of the progress and achievement of the programme  in 2017/18 are presented project wise as follows.

1. Back to School Programme, Humla

PHASE Nepal successfully completed its two and a half year of School Access project to 181 out of children in Humla with bringing and retaining the children in school in coordination with local schools, district education office and  When the project was designed it was estimated that about 120 children would be out of school in PHASE Project villages, Maila, Melchham and Jair. When the actual survey was conducted 181 dropouts were identified and verified by the local authority revealing a more disadvantageous situation of children in the region.

 Logistics Support to the children

 Throughout the project period, the children were provided with essential logistic materials such as exercise books, school bags, pencils, pens, erasers and mathematics instrument box in the installment of 6 months. The parents were also communicated accordingly. PHASE Local mobilisers and EDF Anita Acharya monitored the attendance of the children in co-operation with the School Principals.

This proved to be a very effective strategy and all the children to came to school regularly. After getting all the necessary school supplies for their children, the parents felt less burdened and the children felt motivated.

In Humla where everything has to be carried by either mules or porters, everything is of high value. The provide materials were found to be used with good care.

Follow up visits at School and at Homes

PHASE EDF and Local mobilizers regularly followed up with the parents and students at homes and with students and teachers at schools to ensure regular attendance, to motivate children and to motivate parents. Parents were regularly oriented about the importance of education and how useful it is, for the future of their children. These efforts eventually started garnering increased awareness level and commitment from Parents to send children to schools.


Improving School Environment- Training Teachers and improving classrooms 

To support this back to school children with better school environment, PHASE provided training and basic material support to the teachers and schools of the project.

Training on Child Friendly Learning Environment

 114 teachers of the project villages teachers took part in different sessions of child friendly education training. In these training the teachers learned about the following skills :

  • Positive discipline
  • Child centered interactive teaching
  • Proper usage of provided teaching learning materials
  • Gender sensitive classrooms
  • Collaborative Learning work in the classrooms

Details of Supported children in Humla.

VDC. Male Female Dalit Brahmin/Chhetri Total
      Male Female Male Female  
Maila 48 46 15 18 33 28 94
Melchham 25 18 6 2 19 16 43
Jair 22 22 4 3 18 19 44
Total 95 86 25 22 70 63 181
% 53% 47% 26% 74% 100%

2.School Material Support

As also mentioned earlier PHASE Nepal provides need based basic material support to improve and upgrade the classroom environment of its project schools. PHASE’s priority is to support at least one Early Childhood Development (ECD) Classes and few Basic level (1 to 5) as per the availability of the funds. However, PHASE provides support to all grades as far as practicable because the schools of PHASE’s project areas are remotely located, not easily accessible and needy both in physical infrastructure as well as in other aspects. In this fiscal year the following logistics support was provided to the PHASE project Schools in Humla and Gorkha.

Table 10- Details of School Material Support

SN Support Summary District Village Gaupalika No. of Schools Total No. of Classroom Direct Student Beneficiaries- Approx.
1 Computer Lab Support -5 Computers Gorkha Keraunja Dharche 1 1 500
2 ECD Class Support Basic Gorkha Keraunja Dharche 2 2 60
3 ECD Class Support Basic Gorkha Kashigaun Dharche 1 1 30
4 ECD Class Support Basic Humla Maila Tanjakot 11 11 330
5 Grade 1,2 and 3 Basic Humla Jair Sarkegad 6 18 540
6 Grade 1,2 and 3 Basic Humla Melchham Sarkegad 6 18 540

 3. Teacher Training

Teacher training is one of the major component of PHASE’s support to improve school environment. With more that 7 years of expertise, PHASE Education Team provides trainings under various themes and topics to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the rural school teachers.

PHASE’s flagship training is the 5-day Best Teaching Practices trainings and Mentorship Training. The several other material-based child friendly training, subject wise interactive training are based on the principal of Best Teaching Practices. PHASE has developed the following 7 packages of training and is often reached by other non-profits for training consultancy.

  • Best Teaching Practices – 5 Day Course
  • Mentorship Training – 2 Day Course
  • General Training of Trainers – 4 Day Course
  • Child Friendly Interactive Teaching Strategy- 5 Day Course
  • Encouraging English Literacy in early Year- Phonics – 3 Day Course
  • Early Childhood Development Training- 4 Day Course
  • Parent Education- 2-day Course


With the funding from different donors, the following event of teacher training was conducted for the community school teachers of PHASE project areas.

Details of PHASE Nepal Teacher Training Programme

SN Batches District Village Gaupalika Male Female Total Participants
1 Child Friendly Interactive Teaching- 1-day Orientation Humla Maila Tanjakot 20 12 32
2 Child Friendly Interactive Teaching- 1-day Orientation Humla Maila Tanjakot 19 9 28
3 Best Teaching Practices- 3 Day Training Gorkha Keraunja Dharche 19 12 31
4 Best Teaching Practices- 3 Day Training Gorkha Kashigaun Dharche 9 10 19
5 Best Teaching Practices- Mentorship -2 Day Training Gorkha Kashigaun+ Keraunja Dharche 10 4 14
6 Child Friendly Interactive Training Batch 1- 5 Day Training Gorkha Manbu Aarughat 17 14 31
7 Child Friendly Interactive Training Batch 2- 5 Day Training Gorkha Manbu Aarughat 20 11 31
  Total       114 72 186

4. Girls Empowerment

With a noble objective of empowering the girls of rural communities with knowledge with knowledge and skills regarding health, leadership, education and career attainment as well as to make them capable of fighting social evils like early age marriage, sexual harassment and trafficking. The programme is facilitated by PHASE trained local facilitators from the host locality itself in a peer learning model. In an one year programme the adolescent girls take part in empowerment workshops and several outreach activities as girls groups.

This year the following events of Girls Empowerment Programme were completed in several project areas of Gorkha and Bajura this year.

Table 13 – Details of Girls Empowerment Programme

SN Batches District Village Gaupalika-Ward No. of Participants No. of School
1 Training of Trainers Bajura Wai Swami Kartik 20
2 GEP Batch-1 Bajura Wai Swami Kartik 112 1
3 GEP Batch-2 Bajura Jera Swami Kartik 7 1
4 GEP Batch-3 Bajura Keraunja Swami Kartik 43 1
5 Training of Trainers Gorkha Keraunja Dharchhe-1 17
6 GEP Batch-1 Gorkha Hulchuk Dharchhe-2 33 1
7 GEP Batch-2 Gorkha Runchet Dharchhe-1 44 1
8 GEP Batch-3 Gorkha Keraunja Dharchhe-1 105 1

5. Adult Literacy

PHASE has been providing literacy and numeracy skills to the illiterate adults of its project areas with special priority to young illiterate mothers. In the recent years PHASE’s priority population is those of mid and far western region where the prevalence of illiteracy is high especially that of women.

This year the following groups were provided adult literacy classes in various communities of Mugu and Bajura Districts.

Table 14 – Details of Adult Literacy Classes

SN Literacy Group (Old ward No. for reference) Village District No. of Participants Start Date End Date
1 Ward no 2, Sipa Jima  Mugu 26 Feb-18 May-18
2 Ward no 1, Bumcha Jima  Mugu 25 Mar-18 Jun-18
3 Ward no 3&4 Jima Jima  Mugu 25 Apr-18 Jul-18
4 ward no 8 Fotu  Mugu 25 May-18 Aug-18
5 ward no 9 Fotu  Mugu 25 Jun-18 Sep-18
6 Ward no 2 Dae Dhainakot  Mugu 25 Jul-18 Oct-18
7 Ward no 6 Karki Bada Dhainakot  Mugu 25 Aug-18 Nov-18
8 Faiti ,Ward-1 and 20 Rugin  Bajura 15 Sep-18 Dec-18
9  Rugin Ward 7-6 Rugin  Bajura 15 Oct-18 Jan-19
10 Kota , Ward 7 Bichchhya  Bajura 21 Nov-18 Feb-19
11  Bama Ward 5 Bichchhya  Bajura 19 Dec-18 Mar-19
  Total     246    

 5. School Health Education

Facilitated by PHASE health workers, the village school children are provided regular sessions of interactive classes in topics like personal hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, communicable diseases, menstrual health and reproductive health. This year a total of 9273 children were directly reached in 308 different events of health education classes across all the project areas in 5 working districts of PHASE Nepal.

For further details please refer to PHASE Annual Report 2017-18.