PHASE Nepal Education Programmes

PHASE education programmes aim to raise levels of literacy and numeracy in remote communities, thereby giving children and adults more opportunities and choices. The focus is on increasing access to education where there is no functioning system, and improving the quality of current education provision.

In 2017 our focus is on:

Women Literacy Program:PHASE has been providing education access programme to illiterate females with special priority to young and illiterate mothers in some of the remote parts of far western and mid-western part of Nepal. These women were provided daily literacy classes in their own locality based on the latest curriculum of Non Formal Education Centre (NFEC) under Ministry of Education of Government of Nepal. The classes are usually run in the evening so as to not disturb the day to day chores of participating women.

Flexible Schooling Program:PHASE has been running Alternative School education to the children in remote schools providing trained teachers and learning resources at their doorsteps. Many children in high mountain regions of Nepal are out of school for various reasons including poverty, access to school among others. PHASE works to bring those children back to school. PHASE has been supporting two schools in Chumchet VDC in Gorkha. Currently 69 children from the Sherpa community are benefitting from the access to quality primary education from two villages Yarchyo and Taju of Chumchet VDC. In addition to providing all the necessary educational materials for these students, PHASE provided a set of winter clothes to each student in these two schools to cope with winter in the high Himalayas.

Back to School Program for out of school children:PHASE works in remote mountainous region which are vulnerable and susceptible to landslides and flood during the rainy season causing damage to homes and schools. The earthquake and subsequent aftershocks have badly affected homes and schools in the area.Children are the first to suffer during these disaster and girl children are generally forced to drop out of the school in order to support the family in household chores. In order to ensure continuation of school and alleviate drop out owing to deprivation caused by social economic and natural factors PHASE provides basic sets of school supplies to the children and provide follow up support. The main objective behind these efforts are to help children continue their school and not lose the existing access to education. With the help of these interventions PHASE also aims to bring back those children back to schools who have already left their schools and are currently helping their hands in earning a living with their parents.

School Support Program:To strengthen the quality of community schools, PHASE provides mainly two kinds of support horizontally i.e. first by providing necessary educational materials, second by providing training to the teachers. This approach has been supplementary to each other as it provides necessary skills as well as required materials for quality teaching learning in the schools. Furthermore, PHASE Nepal also provides orientation to School Management Committee to facilitate better governance of community Schools.

Sports to Empower Sherpa Girls and Boys in Rawadolu VDC of Okhaldhunga. Sports Teacher support to conduct regular sports activities in the schools and conduct VDC level sports competition.

Girls Empowerment Program: PHASE Nepal has been running Girls Empowerment project with the financial support from PHASE Austria and Eco Himal focusing on adolescent and teenage girls. The objectives of the program are:

  • To empower 20 young local females as leaders and facilitators and also as long term sustainable agents of empowering girls.
  • To educate and support 280 local teenage girls with knowledge on health, leadership, rights, effective communication and problem solving.
  • To empower adolescent girls from remote mountainous village to be able to speak for themselves and stand for their rights and defend the several ill practices that are biased especially against woman.
  • To provide need-based support to the participating teenage girls with the help of the project seed fund.

Child Rights Program:To ensure rights and protection of the children of its project VDCs, PHASE Nepal runs campaigning and awareness programmes in close coordination and support of school child clubs.

Empowering Parents and School Management Committee: PHASE team consulted management committee members of four schools and organized an orientation program. The orientation program was focussed primarily on the roles and responsibilities of members of School Management Committee and Parents Teachers Association to encourage and motivate the children in school and at their home. They were also oriented on creating a unbiased and friendly learning environment at home both for son as well as daughter. Reflecting on the current condition and ongoing hardship of the parents, PHASE trainers highlighted on how education can give a bright future to their children. PHASE local girls facilitators also shared their experience.

For more details see the Annual Reports or from PHASE Nepal Annual Progress Report 2016-2017