Earthquake Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction

Following the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, PHASE Nepal launched an Earthquake Appeal, providing emergency relief for our project areas and adjoining communities in Gorkha and Sindhupalchok – some of the most severely affected regions of the country.

earthquake damage in rural areas

The earthquake destroyed entire villages in PHASE’s remote working

PHASE Nepal works in five of the poorest districts in Nepal (see the map below). Eight of our project villages are in the districts of Gorkha and Sindhupalchok, which were severely impacted by the earthquake. Across Nepal almost 9,000 people have been reported dead and over 22,000 injured since the first earthquake in April 2015. 3,400 of those reported dead were from Sindhupalchok district alone.

Project areas of PHASE Nepal before the earthquake

Project areas of PHASE Nepal before the earthquake

With funding from the PHASE Earthquake Appeal – as well as from large funders like Caritas Germany, Caritas Austria, Diakonie, People in Need and others – PHASE were able to carry out immediate emergency activities to provide shelter, food and health aid across almost 15,000 households (extending our working areas to a total of 21 VDCs in the worst affected districts).


More than 90% of the homes in Sindhupalchok and between 70-80% of homes in Gorkha were destroyed, so providing temporary shelter quickly was essential. 9,288 tarpaulins and 12,089 bundles of corrugated iron sheets were delivered with nails, rope and wire to enable families to create temporary shelters. More than 22,700 blankets and almost 7,000 sleeping mats were also distributed. PHASE distributed 200 tents (donated by Caritas) to serve as temporary schools and health posts during the monsoon season, which started just two months after the earthquake.

Health care

During the earthquake, eight PHASE-supported health posts were damaged in the areas of Gorkha and Sindhupalchok. Tents were being used as temporary health posts so PHASE health workers could continue providing essential medical care to the community. Additional medicines and medical equipment were provided to help care for those injured in the earthquake. PHASE was also able to supply hygiene kits including more than 10,000 packets of bathing soap. 

In Fulpingkot, a village of around 4,000 people in Sindhupalchowk, most of the toilet structures had collapsed and the underground cesspits had been damaged. This led to contamination of water supplies and unsuitable drinking water. PHASE distributed thousands of water purification tablets.

PHASE health worker administering health care after the earthquake

PHASE health worker administering health care after the earthquake

Food and nutrition

Crops were damaged and livestock were killed in the earthquake, so emergency food was essential to keep the communities as healthy as possible as they tried to rebuild their homes and lives. PHASE provided 5,326 30-kg bags of rice, more than 1,000 kg of pulses, 1,481 kg of salt and over 1,000 litres of cooking oil. Along with emergency provisions PHASE also distributed over 2,415 kg of seeds to aid the communities in re-establishing crops for the long-term, and 9,792 storage bags to safeguard stores and new crops.

PHASE workers distributing rice in Sindhupalchowk district

PHASE workers distributing rice in Sindhupalchowk district

Shelter Assistance for TLCs – UNHCR Project

PHASE Nepal built 108 classrooms (54 blocks) for temporary learning centers, funded by UNHCR. PHASE Nepal also provided school materials and benches to rebuilt classrooms and teachers received training on use of the materials and quality education in TLCs (temporary learning centers).

PIN winterization in Sindhupalchok and Kavre

PHASE Nepal with support of PiN (People in Need) and DFID (Department for International Development) distributed materials to help community people prepare better for winter season. The materials were distributed in 4 VDCs- Selang, Pangtang, Hagam, Fulpingkot of Sindhupalchok and Simthali VDC of Kavre district.Materials distributed were bundles of CGI sheets (corrugated galvanized iron sheets) jackets for children below 18 years old, shawls for disabled, pregnant, lactating women and old age people, blankets, mattresses, Ropes, Tarpaulins, reconstruction fittings like hinges 2” 3”, tie wire, nails, padlocks, sliding bolts, lockable bolt and tools (scissors, claw Hammers, hand saws, pick axes, crow bars, shovels and pliers) in 4 VDCs of Sindhupalchok. 4,575 households benefitted from the winterization and temporary shelter project that was successfully implemented through collaboration between PHASE Nepal, PIN and DFID. 555 households in Simthali, 1189 households in Hagam, 910 households in Selang, 1208 households in Fulpingkot and 713 households in Pangtang received the materials to help them to build a better shelter and stay warm during the cold winter-months. 

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