What we do

PHASE believes that opportunity, equity and access are the aspects of poor health, low educational levels and poverty, and pursue an integrated approach to create opportunities among deprived and isolated communities of the hills and mountain regions.

Programme Components & Activities:

  1. Health:
    • Provide general medical treatments with free medicine;
    • Give antenatal and postnatal care with safe delivery;
    • Hold family-planning counselling and health education at school and community;
    • Raise awareness through advocacy and mobilization;
    • Support government’s immunization programme;
    • Organize for health outreach clinic;
    • Aid diarrhoea mitigation.
  2. Education:
    • Equip remote community school teachers with teaching techniques to create a better learning environment;
    • Conduct School Outreach Programme in remote villages of mountain districts;
    • Provide women literacy classes in remote communities where there is no access to government facilities;
    • Improve school infrastructure;
    • Give orientation on child rights among students, teachers, school management committee and parent-teacher association members;
    • Organize street drama and documentary shows on the importance of education in community and schools;
    • Raise awareness on social issues (trafficking, child labour etc.) through orientation and documentary shows.
  3. Livelihoods:
    • Provide training on improved vegetable farming and livestocks skills;
    • Provide training on compost production techniques;
    • Provide training on vegetable nursery management;
    • Distribute improved seeds and livestocks to increase productivity;
    • Distribute sprinkle kit, poly bag, and plastics for tunnel.

PNC check-up

PHASE Staff Indira Kunwar during PNC check-up, Maila VDC, Humla

Earthquake Resistant School

PHASE Supported Earthquake Resistant School, Hagam VDC, Sindhupalchok

Mother’s Group Orientation Training on Safe Motherhood

Mother’s Group Orientation Training on Safe Motherhood, Gumda VDC, Gorkha

Implementation Strategy And Approaches

PHASE Nepal always appreciates and respects positive endeavours from individuals, communities and national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations. The organization always takes into consideration the following approaches during the programme implementation process:

  • Participatory approach: we encourage our beneficiaries to participate actively in our programmes from needs assessment to implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and benefit sharing.
  • People centred approach: community people are central to all of our development efforts and interventions.
  • Coordination and collaboration approach: activities will be effectively coordinated with governmental and non-governmental organizations from grassroots to district, national and international levels.
  • Accountability and transparency: all program activities and the corresponding budget allocated for that particular place are transparent; anyone at any time can have access to this information, if requested.
  • Needs driven approach: programme activities will not be imposed from the top, but are selected based on the demands made by the beneficiaries.
PHASE Nepal Integrated Approach

PHASE Nepal Integrated Approach (click to enlarge)