Donors Profiles

PHASE Worldwide ( is a UK registered charity which funds PHASE Nepal to improve health, education and livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged populations in extremely isolated Nepalese Himalayan villages. We aim to support remote communities who lack access to basic services and need practical help to achieve this. PHASE Worldwide was founded together with PHASE Nepal in 2005/6. PHASE Worldwide funds integrated health, education and livelihood programmes in Gorkha, Humla and Sindhupalchowk. It also provided funds for earthquake relief and rehabilitation after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in spring 2015. PHASE Worldwide also provides medical and education volunteers to support PHASE Nepal (

The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty. UKAid’s aim is to end the need for aid by creating jobs, unlocking the potential of girls and women and helping to save lives when humanitarian emergencies hit. The UKAid Global Poverty Action Fund, via PHASE Worldwide, is funding health, livelihood and education interventions in Bajura and Humla over 3-years (see Development Portal – Nepal for more information).

Since 2004, the Innocent Foundation has worked with many charities to end hunger in the world. They are funding projects to help communities on a sustainable path to a better life where they can escape poverty and hunger. Through PHASE Worldwide The Innocent Foundation is currently funding a PHASE livelihoods project in Mugu, in the far West of Nepal, to improve access to and intake of nutritional foods (see the Innocent Foundation – who we work with for more information).

The Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission (the Commission) is a non-statutory, non-governmental body and was established in 2004 following the Review of the Machinery of Government. The commission funds projects located in areas of greatest need within the Developing World. Priority will be given to “Least Developed” countries, as designated by the United Nations. The Commission will also consider making donations to major international disaster or emergency response appeals in the Developing World. Through PHASE WorldWide, the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission funds livelihood projects in Mugu and sanitation improvement of houses and schools in Sindhupalchowk.


The Big Lottery Fund awards grants to UK organisations to help people and communities most in need. In May 2015, they committed a total of £2 million to Nepal to help communities affected by the earthquake. Through PHASE Worldwide, BLF is supporting an integrated community development project for earthquake recovery in Kashigaun and Keraunja, Gorkha district. The project includes health support, livelihood support and education activities.

PHASE Austria ( is a non-profit organisation supporting sustainable development in rural Nepal through PHASE Nepal. PHASE Austria support health and education programmes in various districts. Programmes include diarrhea mitigation in Far West of Nepal, teacher training, alternative education in Gorkha, school rebuilding in Hile, school access programme in Humla. PHASE Austria also provided funds to PHASE Nepal for earthquake-relief and rehabilitation. PHASE Austria co-funds several of its projects with the City of Vienna.

EcoHimal is an Austria-based international development organization that has been working in Nepal since 1992. EcoHimal aims to work with local grassroots initiatives and communities to improve the living conditions in remote Himalayan villages in a sustainable manner. EcoHimal, via ADA, is supporting PHASE Nepal to expand health, nutrition and education projects in the far West of Nepal (Mugu and Bajura) and to improve sharing and learning of development NGOs in Nepal. EcoHimal also funds a girls’ empowerment programme in Bajura.

Reducing poverty, building peace and protecting the environment – these are the three major commitments of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation. About 500 projects and programmes and more than EUR 100 million in funding are implemented every year to improve the standard of living in developing countries. ADA, through EcoHimal, funds a health and education project in Mugu. It also supports a programme for “Knowledge Management, Effective Communications and Building Organisational and Community Capabilities”.

The City of Vienna, via PHASE Austria, has funded child and adult education in Gorkha, a Child Rights programme in Gorkha and a diarrhoea mitigation project in Bajura. These projects have successfully concluded. Currently the city of Vienna is funding a teacher training programme in Bajura and a school access programme in Humla – both of these have just started.

Nepal Teacher Training Innovations (NTTI) ( supports PHASE Nepal to provide effective and intensive trainings to school-teachers so they are enabled to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and self-advocacy in Nepal’s most disadvantaged schools. NTTI has secured a number of grants from other organisations to fund teacher training programmes in PHASE’s project districts across Nepal.

Enabling Leadership is a non-profit funding organization that invests in creative solutions that enable children to develop into leaders of the future. Their support today reaches over 1,000 children in India, Nepal and the Philippines. Through NTTI, Enabling Leadership provided funds for the training of 110 teachers in Kashigaun, Kerauja (Gorkha) and Kolti (Bajura). With their financial support, PHASE Nepal created 33 Mentor teachers in the schools of the project  areas by providing extra training for outstanding teachers.

Lee Foudation LogoLee Foundation is Singapore’s Largest Private Charitable foundation, created to aid “the advancement of education, medicine and helping the poor; and assisting victims of fire, flood and famine”. Through NTTI, Lee foundation has provided funds for teacher training and school improvement projects. With their financial support, PHASE Nepal is creating models classrooms  and also running capacity building programme for School Managemement Committee and School Child Clubs in 11 Schools of Kolti (Bajura) .

Global Giving ( is the first and largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. Global Giving makes it possible for local organizations to access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective and make our world a better place. Through Global Giving, PHASE Nepal supports programmes for health and education. After the earthquake, PHASE Nepal also received funds from Global Giving for immediate relief, school rebuilding and investment in staff.

Hrothgar Investments Limited and Lindsey Cooper fund the PHASE Nepal supported health posts in Kolti (Bajura district) and northern Gorkha. After the earthquakes, Lindsey Cooper also helped fund PHASE Nepal’s immediate relief activities in the affected communities.


GlobeMed partners students with grassroots organizations to address health disparities. They educate and train student advocates for global health equity, and help build a movement of people who believe in health and justice for all. GlobeMed at Tufts University supports education projects and child clubs in the various districts where PHASE Nepal is active. Every year, a group of students visits Nepal for several weeks to get a hands-on insight into PHASE’s work.

PHASE Nepal is implementing all its programmes in coordination with the line agencies of the Government of Nepal.


Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe provides humanitarian aid worldwide, supporting people who are victims of natural disasters, war and displacement and who are not able to manage the emergency situations without external help. Diakonie had supported a relief and early recovery programme carried out by PHASE Nepal in Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk and had recently funding a WASH project in earthquake-affected regions in Sindhupalchowk.

The core mission of Caritas is not to see, but to act; to stand up for those people who have no voice. This means to respect human life from beginning to end, to protect and to assist people in emergencies, regardless of their origin, religion or gender. Caritas Austria supported the relief efforts of PHASE Nepal in Sindhupalchowk in the aftermath of the earthquakes, and also supported a project to prepare the community of Tauthali (Sindhupalchowk) for winter. Currently, Caritas Austria is funding the feasibility study for reconstruction of education infrastructure in Sindhupalchowk.

Caritas is the largest welfare association in Germany. More than one million people work as paid employees or volunteers in its roughly 25,000 centres and institutions nationwide. They support eleven million people every year in overcoming different social problems and difficult situations. Caritas Germany supported the relief efforts of PHASE Nepal in Sindhupalchowk in the aftermath of the earthquakes and also supported a project to prepare the community of Tauthali (Sindhupalchowk) for winter and is currently working on developing programs to rehabilitate communities.

Established in 2004, Caritas Poland’s mission is to support domestic and overseas projects to meet the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. Their extensive range of activities include establishing single-mother centres, hospices, treatment and rehabilitation centres, initiatives that counter social exclusion and providing emergency relief to countries following natural disasters or armed conflict in countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

The Projects, Post Earthquake Relief Operation in 6 VDCs in Sindhupalchowk and Support for Winter Resilient Shelters and Winter Preparedness for Earthquake Affected Families in Tauthali, Sindhupalchowk were both carried out in cooperation with and support of Caritas Poland ( 10.05.2015 to 30.04.2016)

People in Need helps people in emergencies, both in crises of war as well as in areas affected by natural disasters, and in places where it is hard for people to break out of the vicious circle of poverty without support. PHASE Nepal were able to support earthquake- affected communities with shelter and winter-preparation materials with funding from People in Need.

Solidarity, tolerance, freedom, justice and equality – the fundamental values of AWO – Arbeiterwohlfahrt – apply across borders. As a professional association of the Workers’ Welfare, AWO International supports projects in development cooperation and humanitarian aid. AWO funded part of PHASE Nepal’s earliest relief operations in Sindhupalchowk.

The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. The Asia Foundation funded part of PHASE Nepal’s earliest relief operations in Sindhupalchowk.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The agency is mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. UNHCR funded a project to rebuild 54 TLCs (temporary learning centres) in the earthquake-affected communities of Sindhupalchowk and to distribute roof kits to 100 vulnerable families. UNHCR also donated 120 solar lights, which PHASE Nepal distributed to female community health volunteers. The UNHCR staff council is independently funding partial rebuilding of Jal Devi School in Hagam, Sindhupalchowk

IOM – International Organisation for Migration – is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. IOM donated shelter materials (Corrugated Iron Sheets) during the early relief operations, which were delivered and distributed by PHASE Nepal in Kashigaun, Gorkha

The Himalayan Development Foundation Australia is an Australia-based charitable incorporated association. HDFA’s members and supporters are connected to the people of the Himalayas through shared experiences of trekking, rafting, travel and mountaineering expeditions with Nepalese people. They are  “giving something back” to Himalayan communities in need, where their own governments are struggling to make a difference. HDFA had funded the rebuilding of few class rooms of Setidevi Secondary School which was damaged by the earthquake in Thumpakhar, Sidhupalchok” in 2016. And from Janurary 2017, PHASE Nepal has started an integrated project called Upper Indrawati Development Project in Baruwa and Bhotang , Sindhupalchok with the funding from HDFA aiming to empower these communities with better health, education and livelihood opportunities.

Following the devastating events in Nepal on Saturday 25th April, the Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015 (NERA) fund has been set up by Alison Marston to accept donations which have now been used to rebuild health facilities in Sindhupalhok.

Mott Mcdonald  is PHASE Nepal’s newest partner.  They are a uniquely diverse range of consultants delivering extremely high profile projects across the world, working to meet some of the world’s greatest challenges. PHASE is implementing a DFID funded project called Purnima: “Leave Noone Behind ” project with it.