PHASE Health Services- a recent example of Saving lives in the Remote

PHASE Nepal health staff successfully saved the life of a mother and the newly born baby on the way to the primary health care centre in Kolti. The emergency support had been provided on the walking trail midway between Kotila and Primary Health Centre (PHC), Kolti. When Manisha Miya a young mother of 21 felt labour pain while working on her wheat farm she rushed home. Her relatives hurriedly carried her on a stretcher and headed to Kolti PHC but her situation got worse. PHASE Kolti Health Staff (ANMs) rushed towards the village to her avail. The ANMs met the mother on the way and accompanied her on her way to the PHC but the worsening situation of the mother made them conduct a successful delivery of the child saving the life of the baby and mother. Both the mother and child were taken to the PHC immediately and provided necessary support such as providing oxytocin to the mother to release the placenta. After 24 hours both the mother and her heathly child weighing 3 kg were discharged and the family happily headed to their village.

An emergency delivery by a PHASE Trained Nurse right at the walking trail
This is a recent example of how PHASE Nepal , Government Health Centre and the community work together to provide lifesaving health support to some of the remotest villages lying in the terrain of Nepal Himalaya.