PHASE Nepal Livelihood Project Updates- April 2017

PHASE Nepal provides livelihood improvement services in its remote communities via feasible and practical inputs in agriculture and animal rearing. The service includes provision of poly tunnels improved seeds, breeding goats, chicks and necessary trainings co-ordinated by PHASE agriculture technicians who are based in the communities themselves.
In the recent months PHASE provided the following services in different communities.
In Mugu and Bajura, a total of 79 farmers group comprising 1,651 members and in Gorkha 9 farmer groups comprising 228 members received a series of support from PHASE Nepal. These farmers took part in several trainings like seed production, fodder management, animal husbandry, poultry rearing and off seasonal vegetable farming in poly tunnels. The farmers not only received the training but also got necessary physical supplies like improved seeds; plastic sheets for tunnel, improved breed male goats and chicks to implement what they have learned in the training. The farmers receive continuous monitoring support from the village based agriculture technicians from PHASE.” Before we did not eat any vegetables. It was very expensive to bring them from Arughat or Arkhet. Now with this new method I have learned from PHASE trainings, I grow my own vegetables for my family and even sell the surplus to my neighbours.”
  • Says a member of PHASE Supported farmers group in Gorkha.