PHASE Education Project Updates- April 2017

PHASE Nepal’s Education Projects jointly address the needs for improved access, quality, gender equality and health awareness which are typically very high in the mountainous villages we work in. As a part of integrated projects, PHASE has successfully conducted the following educational activities in its project areas.

Education Access and Literacy

50 Women from Migu and Faita community of Wai , Bajura have recently completed adult literacy class with the funding from DFID. In Mugu 9 adult literacy classes have been running in 3 working VDCs of Mugu namely Ruga, Kotdanda and Photu from February 2017.Total 198 female farmers have been benefitted from the literacy classes and 9 teachers have been recruited as the education facilitators. The project in Mugu is funded by Austria Development Cooperation, ADA.

190 Children from Humla are getting basic supplies like bags, notebooks, pen, pencil, sharpeners and erasers on a regular basis from PHASE Nepal in order to help them continue school. Apart from providing them these supplies, PHASE regularly monitors that they are regular in the schools by co-ordinating with teachers and parents. This is a PHASE Austria funded project (City of Vienna).

80 children from ethnic Lama Community have been benefited from two PHASE Supported Alternative Schools in Yarchyo(20 students) and Taju  villages(60 students) of Chumchet VDC. Out of 60 students 15 children have completed their grade three and have joined mainstream schools at Sirdibas VDC in April. The school project is jointly funded by PHASE Worldwide and PHASE Austria.

Teacher Training

Between January and April PHASE conducted trainings for over 150 Teachers from Rugin, Wai and Kotila VDCs of Bajura.  78 trained mentor teachers also conducted follow up classroom observations of their peers and sent reports to PHASE Nepal. The PHASE teacher training project in Bajura has equipped 361 teachers from Kolti, Kotila , Wai, Bandu, Rugin and Pandusain VDCs with interactive and child friendly teaching skills since the project started in December 2014. This project is jointly funded by PHASE Austria and NTTI.

School Material Support

PHASE Nepal provided all the necessary educational materials as per the request of School Management committees in earthquake affected 8 schools of Kashigaun and Keraunja with support from Big Lottery Fund. PHASE also plans to send educational and classroom upgrade materials to 11 schools of Kolti, Bajura in June with the funding from NTTI.

Girls Empowerment Programme

20 new girls facilitators are identified and trained in Wai, Bajura. They will conduct girls empowerment programmes in the schools of the VDC until November 2017 with trainings and field based project activities to enhance leadership skills and confidence in village girls. They will be able to combat gender based discrimination that is present in one form or the other in Nepalese rural society.

Sports for Leadership Development

In Rawadulu VDC of Okhaldhunga 650 students from 4 schools have now access to necessary sport materials and regular sports activities too. Sport activities had been an effective means to mix ethnic Sherpa students with the other communities as well as to boost the village girls’ confidence and leadership quality. Through sports activities the students are also getting the chance to enhance their communication skills and team spirit which is important for their emotional and social development.
Apart from regular sports activities in the schools, PHASE facilitated to organize a VDC level sports competition in February for a week. Major games played during the competition were:
  • Boys Football (Secondary Level)
  • Girls Football (Secondary Level)
  • Boys Volleyball (Lower Secondary Level)
  • Girl Volleyball (Lower Secondary Level)
  • Relay race and skipping ( Primary Level)
The winners were awarded small prizes from the project.
Both the sports and girls empowerment project are currently being supported by PHASE Austria.