PHASE Health Services in Mugu

PHASE Health Services

With the funding from ADA / Eco Himal PHASE has been providing basic health services in 6 extremely isolated villages of Mugu. In the last month more than 2,500 patients received free basic and emergency services from PHASE supported health posts in these 6 villages. Mugu is one of the six mountainous project districts where PHASE Nepal provides basic and emergency health services providing staff as well as medicine free of cost. In the last year over 100,000 people benefitted directly from PHASE health programmes.

We have many stories of young women who receive, antenatal and postnatal care from the PHASE supported health posts in Mugu. Here is what Bharuni Shahi, 22 , says about PHASE health services in her village:

I have no words to describe how grateful I am to the PHASE staff for saving my live. It was the 37th week of my pregnancy when I started feeling severe pain in my lower belly. It has grown bigger than usual and looked like it would burst. I immediately went the health post. The PHASE sisters examined me and told me that I had excess of fluid in my womb and that I should immediately go to the hospital. The nearest hospital from my village lies at a distance of at leat 3 days of walk. The very thought about it made me feel worse. The pain was so intolerable that I had no hope to wait being carried to the hospital. I lost my hope and thought I was going to die. The PHASE sisters consoled me and asked me not to lose hope. They co-ordinated with government agencies to provide me a free chartered flight to Rapti Zonal Hospital where I receive the treatment. Unfortunately I lost my baby. The doctors in the hospital said I would not have survived in I was not sent immediately to the hospital. I thank PHASE sisters on behalf of all the women from the village.