PHASE Meeting with Budhinanda P. School Team

Model Classroom in Kolti Schools

PHASE is Creating Model Classroom in Kolti Schools with the funding from Lee Foudation

PHASE Nepal has been running a Community Development Programme in Bajura District since 2013. Bajura is in Nepal’s far western region, there is difficult topography and lack of physical infrastructure presenting a major challenge in accessibility and service delivery.

Bajura District Education Office estimates that the literacy rate for those more than 15 years old is 40% with a large difference between males (59%) and females (22%). Similarly, the literacy rate for those above six years old is 56% overall, 69% among males and but only 43% among females. In 2016 PHASE conducted a series of Teacher Training and School Mentorship Programmes in 11 schools in Kolti VDC. A total of 58 teachers were trained and 18 outstanding teachers were provided additional training for mentoring their fellow teachers in the schools. In addition to providing teachers with the skills of interactive teaching methodologies the Best Teaching Practices training module contains a day of gender sensitivity training for the teachers. This equips the teachers with the strategies of girls friendly classrooms and schools such as encouraging girls students to participate more in classrooms and outdoor activities. One of the core mission of the projects is also to empower deserving female teachers as mentors. PHASE has discovered two smart female teachers who are now mentoring their fellow teachers acting as PHASE mentors teachers.

As their programme aims to improved access to and quality of education in the Bajura region, PHASE is delivering a follow up project which will involve creating model classrooms in the 11 participating schools. Model classrooms create positive and fun learning environments, proactively engaging the pupils. In addition, the model classroom will strengthen the capacity of trained teachers, inspired and motivated teachers have a beneficial impact on their pupils.

The project is being launched in Budhinanda Primary School. PHASE Nepal met with the school’s management committee and teachers on the 3rd August 2016, they expressed enthusiasm for the project, and gratitude for the continued support from PHASE Nepal.

After the meeting, an agreed list of required support materials to build the model classroom was finalised, these include a whiteboard, carpet and cushions, musical instrument(s), a sound box, water filter, dustbin and a first aid box.

PHASE will also co-ordinate with remaining 10 schools of the VDC to create model classrooms and provide follow up support within the two years of time. After the model classrooms are created PHASE will also support in the capacity building of the School Management Committee (SMC) and the existing school child clubs. This will be done by providing the orientation and training for SMC along with providing funds for the child club initiated activities. In addition to this PHASE will also provide refresher training to the teachers as per the need of the teachers.
This project is funded by the Lee Foundation through NTTI.