Community health education programme in Melchham – Humla

Health Activities January – April 2016

Health activities in PHASE Nepal core project areas are funded by PHASE Worldwide, Hrothgar & Lindsey, DFID and ADA through EcoHimal.

Main activities in our project areas:

Across all 5 project districts – Sindhupalchok, Kavrepalanchok, Gorkha, Bajura and Humla, following highlights have been taken from the data for this reporting report:

  • 26,648 clients (include ANC, PNC, family planning, delivery and new-born examination) were seen at outreach clinics and sub-health posts. 23,172 of these were sick patients who received treatment for illness, and the remainder came for health promotion activities (family planning, maternal care etc.).
  • 40% of patients seeking treatment were under 18
  • 1,100 men and 1,645 women were provided with modern contraception methods (mostly condoms, pills or depot injections) and 668 men and women attended family planning counselling. 28 implants were inserted by PHASE staff. This method is newly introduced by our health staff as contraception method.
  • 320 antenatal checks were performed, and 101 of these were 4th visits.
  • 136 babies were delivered in these three months attended by a PHASE health professional. 5 of the deliveries were complicated births (transverse presentation with hand prolapse, 2 times retained placenta, breech presentation with cord prolapse, cord prolapse). All the cases were handled by our staff and all mothers and all but one baby survived (in the cord prolapse case in Melchham, sadly the baby couldn’t be saved, as an immediate caesarean section would have been the only option for this).
  • 205 newborn examinations were carried out & 144 women received postnatal care.
  • There were 17 cases of uterine prolapse treated in three months.
  • 50 patients were referred to higher health institutions (as we couldn’t offer necessary treatment in local health centres) and 516 emergency patients who needed prompt treatment were seen. 66 patients in total visited for tooth extraction and 4,213 patients were from other VDCs than our regular project VDCs (indicating that the impact of our community health programmes extends beyond our project VDCs).

We collected the following data in our project areas:

  • In Humla, out of 4,772 patients that were seen for medical reasons, 94 were emergency cases. 44 tooth extractions took place and 33 deliveries were attended by health staff (15 unattended home deliveries were reported for this period, where our staff were not called) and 47 newborn examinations were conducted.
  • In Sindhupalchok 12 ANC visits were 4th visits. 4 deliveries took place at home but in presence of PHASE staff, 9 were unattended deliveries and there were 14 newborn examinations (at 1 delivery, twins were born).
  • In Bajura 144 individuals attended family planning counselling. 84 babies were delivered by PHASE staff, most in Kolti PHC- primary health care centre
  • In Rayale, 35 emergency patients were seen and treated by PHASE health staff.
  • In Gorkha, 17% of the sick patients that visited the clinic (health post and ORC), were children under 5. 25 patients completed all 4 ANC visits and 15 children were born with help from professional health staff but still 15 babies were born at home, without a health professional attending.
Taking care of head wound at health post in Melchham - Humla

Taking care of head wound at health post in Melchham – Humla

Activities and health education programmes were also carried out across all 5 project areas, the table below shows the activities and number of people that benefited.

Health programme management committee meeting96143104
Village cleaning programme23200373573
Door to door health education programme1043906861076
FCHV Meeting1732178210
School Health Education programme13194231425
Community Health Education programme27189421610
Clinic Health education programme (when several patients are gathered at the health centre, health staff gives education about common diseases, hygiene, sanitation, family planning …)42165371536
Support to immunization programme1280136216
Village Cleaning Committee Formation267480
Village Cleaning Committee Meeting1044177221
Mother in law Committee Formation0000
Mother in law Committee Meeting 246489495
Extra Activities (including traditional healers’ workshops, celebration days and others)255848541438
Sarbotam Pitho Exhibition (super flour making)448488
Albendazole Distribution610295197
Taking care of a newborn baby in Wai – Bajura

Taking care of a newborn baby in Wai – Bajura