TLC - temporary learning centre - in Sindhupalchok (with funding from UNHCR)

Education Activities January – April 2016

PHASE Nepal’s education programme continued to run in all five project districts for this reporting period (funded by PHASE Worldwide, PHASE Austria, NTTI, DFID, UNHCR and EcoHimal). The education staff is led by two Education Officers in the office, Bikash Koirala and Sumati Shakya.

Main activities

Teacher training programme

In January 2016, 52 teachers from 7 schools of Wai VDC, Bajura took part in an Introduction to Best Teaching Practices – Awareness Level Training, allowing them to learn effective methods of classroom management and teaching. The programme was funded by the City of Vienna via PHASE Austria. The three-day Awareness Level Trainings in Bajura took place in two sessions (20-22 January 2016  and 23-26 January 2016) and were formally commenced and concluded by School Inspector Vivi Raja Soti, on behalf of the District Education Office, Bajura.

To prepare the training, Dilip Acharya – teacher trainer and education supervisor – travelled to Bajura to conduct the classroom baseline survey in the 7 schools and visited the district coordinator (DEO – district education officer) in the beginning of January.

Following the training, Sumi – education officer PHASE Nepal – visited Kolti for monitoring of the Teacher Training and School Mentorship Programme in 3 schools (involving 15 teachers). This training was conducted in September 2015 and supported by NTTI (with funding from ELF). Reports were collected from 18 mentors.

For upcoming trainings in Bajura (funded by PHASE Austria – City of Vienna), Dilip visited 6 schools in Rugin for preliminary meetings with school principals and school management committees. A classroom baseline survey was done in 10 schools in Baddhu.

Observation and feedback programme of teachers at Kolti, Bajura

Observation and feedback programme of teachers at Kolti, Bajura

In March, Sumi & Bikash travelled to Gorkha for 2-day mentorship training/training of trainers for 15 selected teachers from 8 schools in Keraunja and Kashigaun (funded by NTTI – ELF).

Sumi and Bikash, our education team, went to Selang and Baramchi to hand over the learning materials that were provided by UNHCR-funds for use in the TLC’s – temporary learning centres – which were built by PHASE Nepal with UNHCR support. The project covered schools in Selang, Baramchi, Gumba, Golche and Pangtang where 50 temporary classrooms were built and schools were supplied with teaching materials. The equipment handed over to the schools includes early child development learning materials and toys and sports equipment.

TLC - temporary learning centre - in Sindhupalchok (with funding from UNHCR)

TLC – temporary learning centre – in Sindhupalchok (with funding from UNHCR)

Sumi and Bikash conducted trainings in the schools to explain the use of the materials and for which activities they can be used. They are mainly meant to engage the children in active learning activities and make learning more fun. The Nepali education system is often based on learning from books and teachers often don’t have the materials or ideas to involve children more actively in learning and capture their attention. As it has already been a difficult year for the children as many of them have lost their house and school, it is now even more important to make school something to look forward to and encourage children to come to school.

Another part of the training was to motivate teachers and school management committees to provide quality education to the children, even if the environment is only a temporary class, tent or even outside area. Tips and tricks to make the lessons more enjoyable were shared and parents, teachers and the school management committee were informed about their roles and responsibilities in the education of the children.

A third part of the training included information on hygiene and sanitation. Though infrastructure is minimal, it is still important that the environment is kept clean and neat to reduce the risk for diseases.

Girls empowerment programme

Funded by EcoHimal Austria

In January, all documentation work for approval from district education office and tentative planning was done.

After approval was obtained from the DEO, local high schools were contacted by our social mobilizers (supported by our education team) about the feasibility of training girls to lead and facilitate the programme. Final exams will be done in May and applications will be taken to select 20 girls who can act as facilitators to conduct the Girls’ Empowerment programme in schools. In the mean time, 3 schools have been selected and 215 girls have been identified to take part in the Girls’ Empowerment training.

Adult literacy classes

Funded by PHASE Worldwide (DFID)

100 adults completed the classes in Kolti and Wai. 4 new groups will be formed in May.

150 adults completed the classes in Maila, Melchham and Jair. VDC level and ward Level meetings were conducted and need assessment done for forming two new groups. 6 new groups of illiterate females have been formed and classes started already in these 3 VDCs in Humla.

Alternative schools

Alternative classes in Chumchet, Yarchu School, are funded by PHASE Worldwide. In this school, 12 students completed alternative classes and joined mainstream education. 20 remaining students are continuing. New students will join from May.

Taju school, Chumchet – supported by PHASE Austria – has merged its 37 students with Siddha Ganesh Primary School, a mainstream government school. PHASE is still supporting the school by providing a trained teacher, stationery and clothes to the students.

A new education development facilitator has been recruited for the new project in Humla, funded by PHASE Austria. Anita Acharya has joined PHASE Nepal about 3 months ago and was trained by the education team in the central office and in Kolti.