The team in front of the new health post in Chhekampar (Lar) funded by Chay-ya

Handover of Health Post in Gorkha

(Photo is taken in front of health post built by Chay-ya Nepal, representative of Chay-ya Nepal joint on the visit to upper Gorkha)

PHASE Nepal has been working in 3 communities (Sirdibas, Chumchet and Chhekampar) in the Northern part of Gorkha District (Tsum valley) since 2007. As part of the Community Development Project (funded by Lindsey & Hrothgar), primary health care services have been regularly provided to the communities in this region in close coordination with local health government authorities. Government ORCs – outreach centres – are used to provide basic health services and door-to-door programmes have been running continuously to create community health awareness and enhance positive behaviour change. Besides regular health programmes, alternative education programmes have been running simultaneously. After 10 years of service in Sirdibas, Chumchet and Chhekampar, PHASE Nepal has planned to phase out the community health project in upper Gorkha and CAN Nepal will take over the health programme.

To discuss the handover of the health project with CAN Nepal and the communities, Sunita Bhattarai, health officer of PHASE Nepal visited Chumchet and Chhekampar on 30th of May 2016. She was accompanied by representatives of CAN Nepal and their donors.

A meeting was conducted in Chhekampar to announce formally the phasing out of PHASE Nepal’s health programme and to introduce CAN Nepal. The working area of CAN Nepal and modality were discussed in the meeting. People of the community were not pleased to hear that PHASE Nepal was leaving but welcomed CAN Nepal to continue the health programme. As many people of the community of Chhekampar were not present due to harvesting time of cordyceps (yarsagumba), elaborate discussion with the community couldn’t take place. In Chumchet, a lot of inhabitants attended the meeting and a profound discussion took place about the upcoming programme of CAN Nepal. The community here showed their gratitude to PHASE Nepal and had a lot of questions about the services that would be provided by CAN Nepal in the future. They welcomed the new organization and expressed their expectations and hope for good continuation of the health project.

Offical handover programme of health programme in both communities is set for 15th July 2016.

After the visit to Northern Gorkha, Sunita visited Keraunja and Kashigaon to monitor the ongoing health programme in the communities there and facilitate the recruitment of local social mobilizers. Recently education and livelihood projects have been added to the health programme in Keraunja and Kashigaun (funded by Big Lottery Fund UK, through PHASE Worldwide).