Children in Chumchet receive winter jackets

Education Activities Oct 2015 – Jan 2016

PHASE Nepal’s education programme continued to run in all five project districts for this reporting period. Education officers Bikash Koirala and Sumati Shakya lead the staff. Highlights for each district are found below:

Main activities:

Gorkha (funded by PHASE Worldwide and PHASE Austria): In the Alternative Schools located in Chumchet, slippers and warm jackets were purchased for the children and distributed in November for the winter season. Chumchet lies in the high mountainous region of Gorkha, where there is heavy snow. A new teacher, Prashika Mahat, was recruited to address the needs of the increased number of students at the Alternative Schools, and the Yarchu Alternative Primary School received 15 new sets of books for their new students. In December, a quiz contest was held in Yarchu Alternative School as a part of extracurricular activities, and winners were provided with prizes. The school is completely run by PHASE and has been able to provide quality educational services and access to education for the last three years in the Chumchet region. Tanju alternative school meanwhile has been integrated into the mainstream school in Chumling – Kalpana Shrestha is continuing to support the children’s education by working with the local government teachers.

Humla (funded by DFID via PHASE Worldwide and City of Vienna via PHASE Austria): The second batch of adult literacy classes is running to completion in three VDCs – Jair, Maila, and Melchham. The District Education office of Humla has recognized PHASE’s Adult Literacy programme as effectively implemented and has talked to PHASE local supervisors about partnering the government adult literacy programme with PHASE’s programme.

Bajura (funded by DFID via PHASE Worldwide and PHASE Austria): As in Humla, the second batch of adult literacy classes is running to completion in 2 VDCs – Wai and Kolti. The total number of participants across Bajura and Humla for these classes has reached 250. PHASE supervisors are working to form new groups in different wards of these VDCs to start a third batch. PHASE aims to complete these by July-August, as this is when the rainy season and main farming season begin.

The teacher training and mentorship programme started in Kolti VDC of Bajura. 17 mentors from 11 schools of Kolti started to observe their fellow teachers, provide feedback to them and prepare reports for PHASE Nepal. PHASE had selected a number of highly motivated teachers as mentors, and these mentors received TOT (training of trainers) facilitated by Dilip and Bikash in September.

Education Officer Sumati Shakya visited Kolti VDC of Bajura to monitor the Teacher Training project. She personally observed the trained teachers’ classrooms and talked to the local resource person, local supervisors and trainer Dilip about the effectiveness of the programme. Teachers gave positive feedback as well as some suggestions. Teachers and the resource person have suggested that there should be more trainings and more teacher focus group discussions in the coming days.

Observation of teachers at Kolti, Bajura

Observation and feedback programme of teachers at Kolti , Bajura

Sindhupalchowk (funding UNHCR): PHASE has been conducting Education in Emergencies orientation for the teachers and community of 32 schools of 5 VDCs (Selang, Pangtang, Baramchi, Golche and Gumba) as well as distributing learning materials. PHASE has been building 100 temporary classrooms in the earthquake-affected schools of these VDCs and provided them with temporary water supplies and toilets.

Training in TLC's Sindhupalchowk

Sumi & Bikash giving training on learning materials