PHASE Nepal donates school-supplies for TLC's with support from UNHCR

PHASE Nepal donates school-supplies for TLC’s with support from UNHCR

Beramchi - Shingamai School

Singha Mai School, Baramchi

Sumi and Bikash, our education team, along with project manager Sunil Acharya went to Selang and Baramchi to hand over learning materials that were provided by UNHCR-funds for use in the TLC’s – temporary learning centers – that were built by PHASE Nepal with UNHCR support. The project covers Selang, Baramchi, Gumba, Golche and Pantang where 100 temporary classrooms are being built and schools are supplied with school-materials and toilets where needed. The equipment handed over to the schools includes early child development learning materials and toys.

Sumi and Bikash conducted training  in the schools to explain the use of the materials and for which activities they can be used.  Teachers, members of School Management Committees (SMC) , Parents Teacher Association (PTA) and other members of the communities from 6 schools of Selang VDC and 12 Schools Beramchi were present in the Training. The main objective of the training  was to equip teachers with ideas to engage the children in active learning activities and make learning more fun, especially to re-engage children after the emergency: The Nepali education system is often based on learning from books and teachers often don’t have sufficient materials or ideas to involve children more actively in learning and capture their attention. As it has already been a difficult year for the children as many of them have lost their house and school, it is now even more important to make school something to look forward to and encourage children to come to school.

Another part of the training was to motivate teachers and school management committees to provide quality education to the children, even if the environment is only a temporary class, tent or even outside area. Tips and tricks to make the lessons more enjoyable were shared and parents, teachers and the school management committee were informed about their roles and responsibilities in the education of the children.

A third part of the training included information on hygiene and sanitation. Though infrastructure is minimal, it is still important that the environment is kept clean and neat to reduce the risk for diseases.


 School Committee and teachers of Paanch Pokhari School, Selang

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 Bikash and Sumi explaing the use of Early Child Development materials

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 Sumi giving training about quality education in temporary schools 

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Bikash explaining the use of the learning materials