CGI-sheet distribution & winter preparedness in Simthali, funded by People in Need

Recently, PHASE Nepal, successfully concluded the distribution of CGI-sheets in the earthquake affected communities of Simthali.

PiN (People in Need) financially supported the distribution of temporary shelter materials in Simthali, Kabrepalanchowk district. An initial assessment was conducted by both PiN and PHASE and on the basis of the assessment and consultation with the community distribution of CGI (corrugated galvanised iron) sheets was determined to be the strategy that would best support people’s shelter needs. PHASE worked with the VDC secretary to prepare the project plans. PiN procured 35,000 USD worth of CGI-sheets for distribution in the village. Each household in Simthali received one bundle of CGI-sheets (8 sheets, with specifications according to international shelter cluster standards). An additional bundle of CGI sheets was distributed to all households that include more than 10 people, a total of 55 households.

Most of the people living in this VDC are Brahmin and Chhetri; however, there are also marginalized groups such as Dalits and Praharis. A total number of 3,483 individuals (560 households) benefitted from the CGI distribution. Among vulnerable groups, 70 disabled people, 233 elderly people over 60, 936 children under 15, and 35 pregnant women benefitted from the CGI distribution.

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