Livelihood activities at PHASE Nepal’s project areas from July to October 2015

Bajura & Humla: We work with 360 families across 5 VDCs in this area. Agriculture groups in each VDC meet once a month for a general meeting and there are 10 savings and credits groups in the area that also meet once each month. During the last financial year, 2 improved breed male stud goats were distributed in each VDC of this area, and over 80 higher quality goat kids have been born to these already. The livelihood work is coordinated by Raj from the central Kathmandu office.

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Livelihood activities at PHASE Nepal’s project areas from July to December 2015

During this reporting period the following training programmes were also run:

Basic agriculture/ improved vegetable growth training x 2

Seed support and training x 1

Fertiliser soil fertility improvement training x 1

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Image: Livelihood staff on exposure visit to Kavre (November 2015)

Sindhupalchowk & Kavre: There is one JTA responsible for training in this area and in this reporting period they trained…

  • 420 Sindhupalchowk farmers and 210 Kavre farmers in seed support training
  • 250 farmers from Kavre and 450 farmers from Sindhupalchowk in basic agricultural training
  • 30 farmers in Kavre received plastic tunnels and training
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Image: Poly-tunnel training

Gorkha: Following the earthquake there has been limited livelihood activities in Gorkha and the member of staff for this region has now moved to Mugu (for the Innocent Foundation funded project). We are currently looking for funding for a more extensive livelihoods programme in this area in 2016.