Education activities at PHASE Nepal’s project areas from July to October 2015

Since July, after a pause in activities caused by the earthquake related school closures, PHASE Education projects have continued to run as planned. Almost 200 teachers have received training between July- October. In addition to area-specific activities outlined below a central training day took place in Bhaktapur in August for 18 teachers from 14 different schools. This was Awareness Level Training, level 1, funded by NTTI and PHASE Austria.

Main activities:

Sindhupalchowk (funded by NTTI): 30 teachers received subject specific training in English and Maths (see case study). 50 teachers received psycho-social training in 2 VDCs that were severely affected by the earthquake, this was not pre-planned but was arranged as part of the emergency response to the earthquake.

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Image: Education in emergency, conducted by Sumi

Gorkha (co-funded by PHASE WorldWide and PHASE Austria): Two alternative schools in Gorkha have continued to operate successfully. Taju Alternative School has merged with Siddha Ganesh Primary School, the 17 students from the alternative school joined their peers. The school now has a total of 37 students taught by Kalpana Shrestha (PHASE) and two government teachers (this school was previously non functional due to long absences of the teachers). Yarchu Alternative School has 33 students, 15 new ones this school year. Urmila Basnet is their teacher, Prasika Mahat has been recruited to join the team here in December. Both are employed by PHASE.

Training was planned for the Gorkha region but was both inappropriate and not possible after the earthquake. Trails to VDCs were destroyed by landslides and many of the schools damaged making training less of a priority. PHASE Nepal hope to deliver the training now that trails are re-opened but this is not expected to be before April 2016.

Image: Students of Yarchu Alternative School

Image: Students of Yarchu Alternative School

Humla (funded by DFID GPAF via PHASE WorldWide):  Three adult level one literacy groups are continuing in Maila, Melchham and Jair. Each adult literacy group meets most evenings for 6 months (depending on harvest and festival period). Each group contains around 25 women.

Bajura: Two adult literacy groups are continuing in Kolti and Wai (funded by DFID GPAF via PWW), the Wai group (pictured) graduated level 1 and are now studying leve2!

Update 4-2

Image: Graduation of Adult Literacy Programme level 1 in Wai, Bajura

58 teachers received teacher training level 1 and 17 teachers were trained to be mentors in September sessions (funded by City of Vienna via PHASE Austria). Follow up sessions will continue for this training.

Kavre: A teacher mentorship programme is going to start from January for 45 teachers from 6 schools of Rayale VDC with the help of 11 PHASE trained mentor teachers (funded by NTTI).