Shanti Gautam

Introducing Shanti

Shanti Gautam is originally from Thulo Sirubari in Sindhupalchowk and has been working for PHASE Nepal for about one year.

Shanti has been working in PHASE Nepal’s livelihood program in Kashigaun and Manbu, Gorkha. Shanti trains local farmers, mostly women, in better farming techniques, irrigation, seasonal vegetable production, improved soil fertility and vegetable seed production. Farmers are also educated about the nutritional properties of each crop and how crop selection can improve the family’s diet.

Improving agricultural performance is the most powerful tool we have available to reduce poverty and hunger. More effective farming can increase a family’s income, improve food security and benefit the environment.

Shanti enjoys her work for PHASE Nepal because she is able to work in the community, explore new places and meet new people in different cultural and geographical environments. To optimize the training of better farming techniques, Shanti works closely with communities to learn about local farming and the expectations of the community. Shanti loves the challenge of finding the best techniques suitable for the environment where she is working depending on the altitude, climate and culture. Shanti is starting a new challenge soon as she moves to a new project in Mugu, Western Nepal, funded by the Innocent Foundation. With Shanti’s expertise we hope that the communities in Mugu will also get better outcomes from their farming to achieve better health and better futures for their children.