Destroyed School in Hagam

Nepal Earthquake: Day 1 Photos

Dr Gerda and the PHASE Team provide first aid services just few minutes after the huge quake.

Providing First Aid

Providing Help

Providing First Aid


A dead body of a girl lie on the ground (covered with a purple shawl) in Hagam.

Body of a Girl


Dilapidated PHASE staff accommodation in Phulpinkot.

Staff Accommodation in Phulpinkot


PHASE Staff observe the half destroyed Health Post in Phulpinkot.

Destroyed Health Post


Dilapidated School building (Kalansha Primary School, Hagam) stands beside the cracked school ground.

Dilapidated School Building


PHASE Staff spend night with the Phulpinkot community in tents and eat boiled potatoes with salt and chilly.

PHASE Staff in Phulpinkot


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