Teachers' Training

PHASE – NTTI Teachers’ Training

Master Trainers of PHASE – NTTI (Nepal Teacher Training Initiative) Ms Sumati Shakya and Mr Bikash Koirala conducted post-training classroom observations and feedback sessions in Thumpakhar of Sindhupalchok district for 60 teachers from 16 different schools. These teachers had participated in Awareness Level training several months back. Each teacher was provided individual feedback based on performance in the classroom and the summary of the feedback was also provided in written form for their future reference. Teachers who demonstrated a capacity to apply what they learned from the training were awarded certificates of completion. The influence of the training could be seen in the class rooms. The teachers were found to be asking a lot of open ended questions and were seen to be using a lot of visual aids. The teachers who had not carried out much group work in their classes earlier were now seen to steer a lot of group and pair activity. Many of them opined that such activities have really enhanced the enthusiasm in the students and the kids are keener to learn and participate in learning. NTTI, in collaboration with the Her-Turn Project, also piloted a girls’ sensitivity training which will now become part of the NTTI Awareness-Level curriculum.

A two day Awareness- Level Teacher Training was conducted in Gyanodaya Residential School, an elite private school located in Khokana, Kathmandu. 22 teachers of different levels participated in the training. 20 girls from Nawayug School in Teku, Kathmandu participated in the Her-Turn Girls’ Empowerment Project which focuses on health, safety, self-advocacy and leadership development. The workshops were conducted over 18 days.

Similarly, a six- day Girls’ Empowerment Workshop Facilitator Training was conducted in Thumpakhar of Sindhupalchok district. Six prospective trainers selected from different rural localities participated in the training. These new trainers will conduct a month long series of girls’ empowerment workshops for girls from their respective communities. 116 local girls between the ages of 10-14 will participate in the workshops.

In the first week of June, Post- training follow-up classroom observations were conducted for the 22 teachers from Gyanodaya School who participated in the Awareness-Level training in May. The teachers were extremely positive about the training and some declared the training was the best they had ever taken. “This is the first training which gave me so many practical tips that I can immediately apply in my classroom. I had taken several training during my fifteen years of teaching career and this one is the best training ever”, said Padam Thapa who is one of the in charge of the school.